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Richway represents the aura of modern Arab who proudly embraces his culture. By clothing the generation of vibrance and youth in the latest fashion trends, Richway, a young brand in the industry, is already making waves with bold fashion moves. Hosting a high quality production line with in house fashion designers, Richway strives to bring world class quality to customers at affordable costs.

Our Vision & Values

Culture, fashion and creative design is at the core of the team behind Richway. Their vision is to bring trending fashion to the masses at affordable costs without compromising on quality. Aiming to be the de facto choice of men who demand latest trends in modern fashion and traditional wear with unflinching quality and value for money, Richway sets its standards true to its vision. The brand holds dear the values of quality, hospitality and customer satisfaction at the heart of its operations.

Our Mission

Inspiring fashion and creative designs are created in house by a team of fashion designers and brought to life in modern state of the art production lines. Each step is monitored and scrutinized carefully to root out any possible defects. The Richway team takes it up as its mission to create and upgrade its line of fashion wear in suit with the changing trends of the fashion world, sourcing the best quality materials and keeping customer satisfaction at the core of its business.